Saturday, August 3, 2013

The New Who

In less than 24 hours, the identity of the next Doctor will be announced, and I could pee myself I am so excited.

After the initial grieving period I went through upon hearing of Matt Smith's departure, I began to get really excited for the Doctor's regeneration. I expect I will love the new Doctor just as I came to love all the others. So I have been dwelling on the question of, Who will the next Doctor Who be?

There are a million lists out there with odds and speculation on different actors who might be given the role. I'm guessing whoever the next Doctor is, his or her name isn't on any of those lists. The powers that be have a way of choosing someone no one had thought of and yet is perfect for the job.

But because I've been thinking about this for weeks, I have a lot of thoughts on the subjects that I'm dying to share with you. So I made a list too, except without odds because I don't understand how betting works...

Agree or disagree with my choices? Let me know who your top picks are for the role of the 12th Doctor!

Russell Tovey

Pros: Forget Zooey Deschanel, Russell Tovey is the epitome of adorkable.  Best known from Being Human, he has that whole human-not-human thing down. Plus, he would bring a different kind of youthfulness to the role that was unlike Smith's frenetic energy.

Cons: Tovey was actually on Doctor Who before as Alonso, the shipmate from the Titanic episode and who 10 sets up with Captain Jack. Also, he said he was in the running for the role before but lost out to Matt Smith. Chances are Moffat won't choose a runner-up to be his new star.

Olivia Coleman

Pros: Olivia Coleman is on fire right now. Her career has skyrocketed after a streak of remarkable performances in The Iron Lady, Twenty-Twelve, and Broadchurch.  She has serious acting chops, and a whimsy that would provide continuity for the character of the Doctor while breaking ground as a female.

Cons: Her meteoric rise might have made her too hot to take on the part of the Doctor, which usually goes to someone unknown.  Also, she is currently working on a number of different projects.

David Harewood

Pros: Harewood would break the mold as the first non-white actor to get the part, and also bring some maturity that has been absent with Smith.  Plus, unlike Idris Elba whose name has also been thrown out, Harewood is free because he just ended his stint on Homeland.

Cons: Harewood might be a little too famous for the role of the Doctor. And he has also previously been on Doctor Who in the "End of Time," although his character was less memorable and beloved than Tovey's.

Tim Roth

Pros: Roth definitely has the acting chops to pull off being the Doctor, and as someone who's been out of the spotlight for the past few years, his fame might not work against him.  Also, he would be able to pull off the whole look-old-act-young thing the Doctor does.

Cons: Apparently Roth has four different projects coming out in the next two years, so he's probably way too busy to take on the all-consuming job of being the Doctor.

Peter Capaldi

Pros: There has recently been a flurry of speculation that Capaldi is going to get the job of number 12.  He has shown great range from being mouthy and funny on The Thick of It to being serious and understated on The Hour, which encapsulates the Doctor perfectly. Plus, he's older and has said before that he would love to be the Doctor.

Cons: The fact everyone thinks it will be him probably means it won't be him. And, he might be too well-known to British audiences.

Richard Ayoade

Pros: Ayoade is relatively unknown, making him perhaps the most likely one on this list to get the job.  He was hilarious as Moss on The IT Crowd,  although he hasn't done much dramatic work to show if he has the range to pull off those heartbreaking moments Doctor Who is known for.  He would be a surprising and exciting choice of a non-white actor, and the show would fit into his nerdy wheelhouse.

Cons: Ayoade seems to be interested in directing in the last few years, so it's questionable whether he would want to devote almost all of his time to an acting gig as the Doctor.

Damien Molony

Pros: Molony's character of the vampire Hal on Being Human is another spin on the 'old soul in a young body' story that is at the heart of Doctor Who. He would keep the show fresh with a young star, but could bring a more stately persona than Smith did.  And since Being Human just ended, his schedule looks open.

Cons: Molony is young and fresh-faced, and after two relatively young Doctors, Moffat et al. might want to shake things up a bit.

Ben Whishaw

Pros: My personal favorite for the part of the Doctor, Whishaw definitely has the acting chops to pull it off. Known from The Hour and as Q in Skyfall, he has shown great dramatic range and comedic skill.  Plus, the dude can serve up some serious Shakespeare, as shown in his performance as Richard II on the BBC for which he won a BAFTA. Lastly, as his recent stint in the hugely popular Skyfall exposed him to the American audience, he might help Doctor Who gain even more traction in the American market, something the show has openly been trying to do.

Cons: Whishaw is probably too similar to Smith to get the job-- audiences might see him as just another gangly, young white guy with crazy hair. 

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